When you try to source an environmental chamber, there are too many factors we should take consider. Environmental chamber price, which differ from US$5,000.00 to US$100,000.00 for different configuration, is the first element you are caring about. Besides the price, more smart people cares about more:


It is vital for a machine, we buy a machine for using. Some customers complaints to us they sourced few chambers in other factories, of course, the price is competitive enough, but the chamber shut down frequently during running, and it can’t reach the temperature we need, the controlling isn’t precise. When customer try to contact the manufacturer, the manufacturer just said: You have to be prepared the quality level when you choose the price. Or some others just disappeared, and no answer anymore.

So be extra careful for choosing the suitable environmental chamber manufacturer.

Manual work

We always want to make our chamber as a art, not function is stable, but the appearance is attractive. For the details, only the experienced workers with fully responsibility can do the chamber with good manual work. Luckily, all of our workers are well trained and fully experienced.


Equipped with full protection mechanism is essential to prolong the life span of the machine. Some factory in order to save the cost, no any thermal reply to protect the compressor, once abnormal occurred, the compressor will break down, when the whole chamber is broken down, can’t work anymore. So the safety protection devices are essential for the whole system.

In order to make the chamber with good appearance, we use galvanized metal sheet to avoid rust after long time using. After sanding the metal, our engineers are smoothing carefully to make sure the whole surface is smooth after painting.