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Safe & Reliable Environmental Testing Equipment for your Products :

Labtek, one of leading environmental test equipment manufacturer from China, which can provide you quality stable equipment for your safe & reliable testing. Customer count on you, you can use our equipment to prove your products are safe and reliable. Labtek can manufacturer high quality environmental test equipment, which can simulate different environment and wear extremes like temperature, humidity, altitude, vibration, and more.

We offer a full range of standard chambers. Include Temperature humidity test chamber, Walk-in Temperature humidity test chamber, Drive-in Temperature test chamber, Ageing Test Oven, 2 Zone thermal shock test chamber, 3 Zone thermal shock test chamber, Salt spray test chamber. Most are cost effective and stable function and custom-designed environmental test chambers can be provided exact as per your requirements with competitive and affortable cost.

What can you get from us?

We believe you are looking for the climatic chambers won’t shut down and run safety during the weekends. We believe you are looking for the response from the manufacturers immediately when you get a sudden test problem. Happened you can get from us:

  Over 10 years of experience providing environmental testing equipment for high-class industrial customers.

  Committed to customer satisfaction from design to production of high quality and stable function environmental test chambers.

  Delivers highest quality of environmental test chambers to give you a one stop testing solution.