Project Description

Salt Spray Test Chamber, Corrosion Test Chamber 413L


Model Number: L-SST-413L

Function: High Temperature

Volume: 413L

Temperature range:RT+10°C ~55°C

Saturation tank temperature:35°C to 63°C

Salt solution settlement amount: 1.0~2.0(ml/80cm²/h)(Average result for more than 6hrs test)

Internal / external material: PPR (High & low temperature resistance material)


Salt Spray Test Chamber, Corrosion Test Chamber 413L

Labtek Salt spray machine is used for testing the corrosion resistance of metal surface finishing.

These metal products include paint coating, electroplating, anodizing, rust-preventing oil and other treatment agent, which are exposed to a fog of salt solution.

This quick and reliable test is used in a wide field of applications like paint, metal electronic and etc.

The entire system is made of high quality PPR combined with other anti-corrosive materials. This guarantees a corrosion resistant, long life and perfect seal.


  • Unique design, high qualtiy, high temperature resistance PPR material.
  • Highly customize chamber available as per exact request.
  • 15 years experience in the field of design, welding, and construction.
  • Most reliable components in the industry to improve whole chamber’s stability.
  • More than 7 days calibration and ageing test before packing.
  • Reliable export packing suitable for multiple shipment method.
  • Famous brand in China, first-hand salt spray chamber manufacturer.


  • Designed for ease-of-use
  • Specially designed spray tower and fog collector.
  • Quality construction.


  • Saporated electric control system and water way system.
  • Safe and reliable.

Saturation tank

  • Special made stainless steel saturation tank.
  • Saturation tank temperature range:35°C to 63°C
  • Saturation water low alarm protection function.
  • Saturation over temperature alarm protection function.

Multiple safety protection device

  • Saturation tank temperature control
  • Digital single point controller
  • Safe and stable


Model L-SP-108 L-SP-270 L-SP-413 L-SP-663 L-SP-816 L-SP-1080
Interior capacity(L) 108 270 413 663 816 1080
Performance   性能 Temperature range +35℃~+55℃
Temp fluctuation / deviation ±0.5℃ /  ≤+2℃
Spray volume Adjustable from 1~2ml/80cm2.h
Spray method Tower type
Adjustment method Continuously, intermittent spray type is adjustable
Top tower angles 110~120°
Saturator tank temperature +35℃~+60℃
Internal Dimensions D*W*H 450*600*400 600*900*500 750*1100*500 850*1300*600 850*1600*600 900*2000*600
Exterior dimension D*W*H 750*1100*1050 900*1400*1170 1000*1750*1300 1100*1950*1450 1100*2250*1380 1150*2650*1400
Control method Balanced Temperature Control Method
Configuration Enclosure High grade PVC, or PPR material
Cover Transparent hard PVC plastic plate
Controller High accuracy digital temperature controller
Heater Special designed
Controller Controller Single point digital controller
Displayer LED
Running method Fix operation
Setting method Button push setting
display resolution Temp:0.1℃,Time:0.1min
Power supply AC220(±10%)V Single phase + E, 50Hz AC380(±10%)V  3 phase +N +E,
Max.current of power supply(A) 5 5 7 10 14 14 21
Power(KW) 1 1 1.5 2 3 3 4.5
Standard accessories Power supply cable 1pc,Fog collection measuring cylinder 2pcs,Atomizing nozzle 1pc,Specimen rack  1set ,Specimen hanger rod 1set
Security accessories Leakage breaker, Interior over heat protector,Saturator over heat protector, Water short protector
Comply standards GB/T2423.17-93、GB10587-89、GJB150.11-86、GJB1063、ICE、MIL、DIN

Leakage breaker

Interior over heat protector

Saturator over heat protector

Water short protector